The Romance Studies Department at the Faculty of Letters and Arts organizes Romanian language courses for the preparatory year addressed to foreign citizens.
This program provides Romanian language courses particularly designed for foreign students who aim to undertake academic studies at a Romanian University or wish to improve and brush up on their previously acquired knowledge.
At the end of the course, upon successful graduation, students are awarded a certificate of linguistic competence required for their application for academic studies in Romania. Those candidates who have previously acquired knowledge of the Romanian language may take a test in written and verbal Romanian language proficiency and, subsequently, they are awarded a certificate of linguistic competence.
According to the European Language Passport, the courses are aimed at training students` speaking, writing, listening and reading skills by using different types of texts and topics in such a way as to enable them to reach the level of independent use of the Romanian language at the end of the year (B1 Lv).
The students will be able to understand the basic aspects of standard talk on the basis of familiar topics and texts written in an usual language style, initiate and engage in conversations and express themselves clearly and confidently, give arguments, explain or narrate and write texts on topics of personal interest. Teaching is conceived from an interactive, modern perspective.
 Students have the opportunity to attend:
  • Romanian language classes (acquisition of grammatical structures both in written and oral expression),
  • Romanian culture and civilization (in order to familiarize with various historical and geographical aspects, folklore, literature and arts of the Romanian people)
  • Specialized language courses (depending on the chosen field: medicine, law, economics, engineering, etc).
Students will be provided with textbooks and additional course material as required and will be able to use the equipment available in classrooms (PCs, special software, video projector, audio/video equipment).


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