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CSLLC purports to promote culture, literature and research in the humanities, to initiate and engage its members and collaborators in fundamental, applied and creative research projects. The research topics listed in the multiannual research plan (2020-2024) pertain to themes or subject areas within the fields of literary history and theory, linguistics and inter-/transcultural studies that have been insufficiently or only partially investigated locally, nationally and internationally, either from an intercultural or an interdisciplinary perspective. CSLLC offers support to scholarly work published at the Faculty of Letters and Arts, to joint research projects, and the dissemination of outcomes to both academia and the community. The Centre organises annual literary events and conferences on literary, linguistic, communication, cultural and translation themes. CSLLC is the result of the merging, in 2017, of the two older Research Centres at the Faculty of Letters and Arts, the Centre for Philological and Intercultural Research and the Centre for Anglo-American and German Studies, both founded in 2005. The steps taken towards relaunching and improving the Centre’s activity have included reorganising the Centre into three research groups (in accordance with the name of the Centre) and identifying priority research areas and themes. The Centre for Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies (CSLLC) at the Faculty of Letters and Arts is open to teaching staff and doctoral students at LBUS, as well as specialists from other national and international institutions.



Contact Information:

Centre for Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies (CSLLC)

Faculty of Letters and Arts, 5-7 Victoriei Blvd., 550024 Sibiu



1. Structure of the CSLLC:
  • Director: Assoc. Prof. Doris Sava, Ph.D., habil. (CV, list of publications)
  • Scientific Secretary: Ștefan Baghiu, Ph.D.
  • Coordinators of the research groups:
    • Research group 1 – Linguistic Studies: Prof. Silvia Florea, Ph.D., habil
    • Research group 2 – Literary Studies: Prof. Andrei Terian, Ph.D., habil
    • Research group 3 – Cultural Studies: Assoc. Prof. Maria-Elena Milcu, Ph.D., habil
2. List of active members CSLLC:
  1. Alina Bako
  2. Dumitra Baron
  3. Monica Borș
  4. Rodica Brad
  5. Eva-Nicoleta Burdușel
  6. Dana Janetta Dogaru
  7. Radu Drăgulescu
  8. Mihaela Enache
  9. Silvia Florea
  10. Sunhild Galter
  11. Rodica Grigore
  12. Roxana Grünwald
  13. Anca Luminița Iancu
  14. Anca Ignat
  15. Ovidiu Matiu
  16. Maria-Elena Milcu
  17. Carmen Oprișor
  18. Maria Sass
  19. Doris Sava
  20. Ana-Karina Schneider
  21. Valerica Sporiș
  22. Andrei Terian-Dan
  23. Simina Terian-Dan
  24. Radu Vancu
  25. Dragoș Varga
  26. Rodica Maria Volovici
3. List of associated members
  1. Ștefan Baghiu
  2. Franck Colotte

Linguistic Studies: Prof. Silvia Florea, Ph.D., habil

Research topics (selectively):

  • Promoting the Romanian Language, Literature and Culture around the World
  • Romanian as a Foreign Language: Points of Contact and Convergence
  • Acquisition of the Phraseological Stock in Professional Formation and Research
  • Romanian Phytonomy


Literary Studies: Prof. Andrei Terian, Ph.D., habil

Research topics (selectively):

  • Contemporary Writing in English
  • Fiction, Autofiction, and Metafiction in English
  • German Literature in Romania: Literary Form and Cultural Identities


Cultural Studies: Assoc. Prof. Maria-Elena Milcu, Ph.D., habil

Research topics (selectively):

  • Contemporary Romanian/German Prose Writers in Translation
  • Academic Writing in Cultural Context
  • European Cultural Anthropology: Case Studies


Multiannual Research Plan (2020-2024)

1. Peer-reviewed Scholarly Journals


2. Edited Volumes (selectively)